I did a thing.

Podcast things.


10/6/20231 min read

So I went on a podcast this morning.

The name is above (Choosing A Different Future w/ Siris). As you can see the title of my episode was "Rediscovering Your Creative Path As A Lost Creator"

The podcast is the work of my lady Siris and she has been doing it for years! I thoroughly enjoyed speaking on my life and the trials and experiences that keeps me coming back to art in some way, shape or form.

So back to keeping up with making a blog post monthly as well as getting more art work done. It has been a journey this year and it does not look to be stopping any time soon. No matter if it's good or not so good, life just keeps on lifin!

So I was at a good friend's house this past weekend and we all sat around the bonfire and she asked what is something I want to complete by the end of the year? Well my one thing was getting samples completed for my clothing line I want to finally debut. I have so many ideas. I have the manufacturers that can make it happen. I have the models that would wear my clothes. But I have to stop sacrificing my time and what money I do have to other things. I need to get this officially started! Things are moving and I am still learning to adjust my hold and my footing so I don't fall off this ride called life. I refuse to lose control of my life, so now is as good of a time as any to steer it into the direction of what brings me joy. Make sure you are steering into the direction of your joy as well!

With that being said... Happy October errybody! Enjoy the weather, enjoy your life, live in your joy!

Oh! You can listen or watch the podcast episode below!

Listen: https://www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/media/rediscovering-the-creative-path-as-a-lost-creator-guest-justin-scott/

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfg3edWr9n0

Also check out Siris's site as well!